How to create SysML diagrams in Modelio


What is SysML?

The SysML (Systems Modeling Language) is a language for system architecture and functional specification modeling.


Goal of this tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to show how to create SysML diagrams in Modelio. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use the following parametric diagram depicting the PERCC (Permanent Emergency Response Coordination Center) Power Consumption aspects:



Before starting this tutorial, you need to install the SysML Architect module which provides all functionalities for modeling with SysML.
Download the SysML Architect module

First of all you have to check if the SysML Architect module is available in your modules catalog. To check the availability of SysML Architect module on your machine:

  1. Launch Modelio
  2. Go to Configuration/Modules catalog... menu entry
  3. Check if SysML Architect module is listed

If SysML Architect module is not in your modules catalog, you have to add it otherwise you can skip the following steps and go directly to the module deployement. To add SysML Architect module to your modules catalog:

  1. Launch Modelio
  2. Go to Configuration/Modules catalog... menu entry
  3. Click on Add a module to the catalog... button
  4. Select the downloaded SysML Architect module

When SysML Architect module is available in your modules catalog cf. previous steps, you have now to deploy it:

  1. Launch Modelio
  2. Open (or create) a project
  3. Go to Configuration/Modules... menu entry
  4. Select the SysML Architect module that you added previously and click on Add module to project button

To install the module:

  1. Open (or create) a project
  2. Go to Extensions/Install a module... menu entry
  3. Select the module that you downloaded previously (with .jmdac extension) and click on open button.

Your module is now installed in your project and you can use the SysML functionalities.


Step-by-step tutorial

First of all, create or open a Modelio project and install the SysML Architect module (See Prerequisites).

Step 1. Select a model element from the "Model" view.


This selection enables us to set the owner for the diagram that we are creating so all the created model elements in the diagram will belong to this selected model element. We will be able to move the diagram later.

Step 2. Create a SysML parametric diagram.

We can create a SysML parametric diagram in two ways:

  • Right-click on the selected element and select "SysML Architect/SysML diagram".
  • Click on the "Create a SysML diagram" button in the application toolbar.


Step 3. Select "Parametric diagram" in the left-hand list.


We can see that the Parametric diagram is greyed. This means that we cannot create this diagram on the selected owner (here: the "SysML tutorial" package). Actually, this diagram is used to describe the constraints among the properties associated with blocks (as we can see in below the Description text field so this type of diagram must be created on a Block.
Close this window, go back to the "Model view" and create a Block (right-click and, for example, select "SysML Architect/Constraint Block").

Now, select this element and try again to create the parametric diagram.

We can now create this diagram! Click on the OK button to validate your choice.

Step 4. Create the desired objects (Instances, Connectors and Ports).


Here are some tips for the creation and the manipulation of these objects:

  • Align blocks:
    1. Select two blocks.
    2. Click on "Align left" to align the blocks.
    3. Click on "Set to the same width" so they have the same width.


  • By default, the name of Ports is hidden. To show it:
    1. Select a Port.
    2. Click on the "Symbol" icon to show the Symbol view.
    3. Check the "Show label" checkbox.

  • We can apply the above graphic properties to other Ports quickly.
    1. Select a Port.
    2. Click on the "Clone graphic options" button.
    3. Press on the "Alt" key and left-click on the Ports to which you want to apply the properties (repeat the step 3 as many times as needed).

Finally, this example can be applied to other SysML diagrams.


A tutorial is also available in video format:

play Watch the video tutorial


Here is the Modelio project used for this tutorial. It is compatible with Modelio 2.2.1 and SysML module is already deployed on it. Just download and import it to your workspace (File/Import project... menu entry)

modelio_ofpx Download this sample project

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