How to automatically create a UML diagram in Modelio


Goal of this tutorial

Modelio 2.2 provides a new feature. It allows certain diagrams to be generated automatically. The goal of this tutorial is to show how to automatically create a UML diagram. For the purposes of this demo, we will create an inheritance diagram. In actual fact, it is a UML class diagram showing inheritance links.

Step-by-step tutorial

First of all, create or open a Modelio project containing inheritance links.

Step 1. Select a model element containing inheritance links.


In this example, we can see that the "Structure Diagram" class has one parent and two children. The "Links Editor" is useful to show the relationship between objects.

The object which interests us is "Structure Diagram". We want to create a diagram showing where the class is situated within its inheritance graph.

Step 2. Automatically create the inheritance diagram.

Select "Structure Diagram" from the "Model view". Right-click and select the "Create/Update automatic diagrams-Inheritance" command.


This is the result of this command:


Easy, isnt it?

More examples


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Automatic diagrams documentation

Wiki page for the automatic diagrams

In this documentation, you will find which diagrams are proposed, for what applicable elements, as well as lots of other information about these diagrams.

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