Working with modules

Some functionnalities are brought by specific modules (Teamwork, code generation, etc.). Modules are addons that can be plugged to Modelio, the modeling tool, to extends its capabilities.

Example: to generate Java code from a UML model, you need to deploy the Java Designer module.


Where can I get Modelio modules?

Modelio modules can be downloaded from the Modelio online store.


Deploying a module

When creating a project, you have two ways of selecting modules. You can either:

- select a template: This will deploy a set of specific modules for a given business (ex: Java Designer, or Analyst)

- select modules in the complete list of all the available modules.


It is also possible to add new modules to an existing project. To do so, simply use the 'MDA / Install a module' command from the toolbar and then choose the module you want from the browser.



Deploying additional modules

Using a module

Most modules provide context commands on the model elements. 



The Java Designer module commands

Updating and deactivating a module

If a newer version of deployed module is available, you can update it by simply re-deploying the module.

Also, a module can be activated and deactivated whenever you want. To open the Manage module activation box, use the 'MDA / Activate/Deactivate modules' command from the toolbar:


Activation/Deactivation command




Module activation box
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