Working with modules

Some functionnalities are brought by specific modules (Teamwork, code generation, etc.). Modules are addons that can be plugged to Modelio, the modeling tool, to extends its capabilities.

Example: to generate Java code from a UML model, you need to deploy the Java Designer module.

Where can I get Modelio modules?

Modelio modules can be downloaded from the Modelio online store or directly from the Modules catalog.

To access the Modules catalog, go to the tool menu Configuration -> Modules catalog...

modules catalog

Modules catalog window


The Modules catalog shows the list of modules present on your Modelio configuration and which can be used in your projects. You can search for new versions of these modules or for new modules by clicking on the Check for new versions... button. Note that only compatible modules will be suggested. The Modules version checker window will open.

modules version checker

Modules version checker window


1. Select the modules you want by checking the thickboxes

2. Click on the Add to catalog button

Install/Select a module in your project

The modules can be configured/added/removed from the Project configuration tool. Go to the menu Configuration -> Modules... It will open the Project configuration with the Modules tab selected.


modules configuration

Modules configuration window


1. Click on [expand] to expand the Modules catalog

2. In the Modules catalog, select the module you want to install

3. Click on [add] to install the module in the project

Using a module

Once you have added a module to your project configuration, you can use this module in your project as seen on the screenshot below. 

modelio modules functionalities


More information about project modules

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