Creating diagrams


Click on the Diagram and matrix creation wizard icon in the main toolbar:

UML diagram creation wizard

The diagram creation wizard



1. Select the kind of diagram you want to create

3. Enter a name

4. Select an owner for the diagram

5. Click on "OK" to create the diagram

Note: By default, the wizard shows the applicable diagrams for the selected model element. Click on the "Show only applicable diagrams and matrices" to show all existing diagrams.


Create elements in the diagram

To create elements in your diagram, you can either use the left hand side palette, or drag&drop existing elements from the UML explorer.


diagram drag&drop

Populating the diagram


Modify the graphic options

You can change the objects' graphic properties or the diagram's properties itself. The symbol view offers several options to change the graphic properties: color, font, line background, ...

diagram symbol view

Change diagram's properties


1. Change the options in the Symbol view


diagram object properties

Change objects' graphic properties


1. Select a graphic element

2. Change the options in the Symbol view

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