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Modelio is an open source modeling environment (UML2, BPMN2, ...). Based on a 20-year track record of high end commercial products, Modelio delivers a broad-focused range of standards-based functionalities for software developers, analysts, designers, business architects and system architects.

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Welcome to the community platform for users who utilize the Modelio open source modeling environment and developers who build extensions for it. This website provides valuable resources and everyone will be happy to help should you have questions.


Modelio 3.3.1 has been released

The Modelio development team is glad to announce the release of Modelio 3.3.1. Some fixes and improvements have been made to the modeling tool.

Modelio 3.3.1 release note.

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Extend and adapt Modelio by adding modules which provide additional functionalities and services.

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Open source Java code generation and reverse tool

With Java Designer, enjoy an open source module that provides Java code generation and reverse.

More information about Java code generation and reverse

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Free Web Document Publisher

Get a free Web Document Publisher. From your model, generate HTML documentation containing both information on your model and your diagrams.

More information about Web Document Publisher

Check out the Modelio Store for more open source or free extensions


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    Thank you, this helped me a lot. Now I understand better how it works.
    But still, i cannot manage to make appear the requirements in the diagram. When I drag and drop them from the tool palette to the diagram, it only creates them in the analyst project...
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    To obtain the AnalystProject:

    To create a Requirement:

    In this example, I created a RequirementContainer but the RequirementContainer should be retrieved in other way. To create a Dictionary, it's the same principle.
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    I will also be very grateful if someone could share the complete code for creating a requirement/dictionary

    Thank you.
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    Ok, now I understand it a bit better. With which method can I obtain the AnalystProject opened in my session?

    Would it be possible to create my own requirement for an uml (IUmlModel) project? How could I do it?

    Is it possible to modify for example a "Class" with an stereotype to add a text field, or my own customized fields? I attach an image to illustrate what I am writing about...
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    Actually, requirements elements can only be created on an Analyst model. On this page: RequirementContainer metamodel we can see that a RequirementContainer can have a RequirementContainer or an AnalystProject as parent.

    A project always contains an AnalystProject...

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