file SoaML Engine module and how extend any features of Modelio

10 years 3 months ago #845 by Aziz2255
Hi every one,

I have installed Modelio but having a few questions:-

In that Modelio it have SoaML Designer module which is useful for creating models such as SoaML and BPMN. But for transforming the models into executable file like BPMN to BPEL process , WSDL or WS-BPEL I needs SoaML Engine module. Unfortunately, it’s not contains in the software

So, how can I get the SoaML Engine module?

Also, If I want to extend any features of Modelio,

Did I need to build new module like JavaDesigner or How ??

Many thanks

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10 years 3 months ago - 10 years 3 months ago #850 by andy

Thank you for your messages at and Please continue the discussion on the forum.

Let me give you few details about the SoaML Engine.

SoaML Engine is an experimental module for Modelio 1.2.x it requires the following modules:
- SoaML

You can still try to use it with an evaluation version of Modelio 1.2.

Concerning Modelio 2.x, SoaML Engine is not currently migrated to Modelio 2.x

In addition, since BPEL is not migrated to Modelio 2.x, the migration of SoaML Engine is impacted as well. It is not currently in the plans to work on BPEL and SoaML Engine.

Thus, there won't be any SoaML Engine for Modelio 2.x in near future.

The only things you can use in Modelio 2.x are SoaML, XSD, WSDL.

Hope this gives you a clarification.


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