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7 years 9 months ago #773 by Biggle
Yes, this is the process I am going through.

I have checked and both versions of the DocumentPublisher and TemplateEditor modules are the same.

It happens using both my custom template and the ones provided (I was surprised to find it deleted the existing templates and styles I had, lucky I had a backup).

In the console I can't see anything surprising when the blank error message is displayed (I didn't get a chance to try with -debug).

When the application crashes I do notice a Java Stack Trace printed in the console immediately before it closes. Any clues on how to capture it's output so I can put it here?

Also, I can revert the modules to the previous version (same issue with deleting templates and styles) and everything works as expected.

My next step might be to remove/re-install Modelio, but I don't know what that might achieve as the modules are specific to a project.

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7 years 9 months ago #779 by chm
Hello again,

about the traces, you should be able to get them by launching Modelio from an Eclipse environment. The process is described in the module development guide .

As far as I know, you're right about re-installing Modelio being useless, it seems this is only a project related problem.

Sorry, but we're going out of my knowledge for now. Since Document Publisher is a commercial module, I advise you to contact the Modeliosoft support for more help.
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7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #789 by Biggle
I have managed to run up Modelio in Eclipse using those instructions... Didn't get much else but I have been able to get a dump file, attached.

File Attachment:

File Name: hs_err_pid....log.zip
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Funnily enough the DocumentPublisher seemed to behave a lot better in the PDE environment. It took a lot longer to get it to crash.

While the DocumentPublisher is commercial, and I do have a license, I didn't purchase the support (as an individual user on a budget didn't expect I'd need it). So I might have to hang in there and see if the next version fixes the problem. How often are the modules updated?

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7 years 9 months ago #792 by chm
It took longer to crash only because the debug environment slows down the execution.

Your dump file helps a lot, now we have a few suspects in DocumentPublisher. :unsure: (first of all, the smart finder node)

I'll keep you posted when a new version fixing this problem is released, but it might take some time...
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7 years 8 months ago #821 by chm

cde wrote: Hi,

A new version of Document Publisher (3.2.04) has been uploaded on the Modeliosoft Store :

This version contains the following fixes :
- New documentation template for BPMN.
- Default review language for english Word stylesheets is now 'English'.
- Correction of an issue concerning invalid extra row generated on OpenXML Tables.
- Correction of an issue concerning the 'Generate document structure's diagram' option, that can cause problem when used with the SVN Teamwork Manager module.
- Correction of an issue concerning the SmartFinder node.

Best regards,

As far as I know, your error should be fixed with that version!
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7 years 8 months ago #825 by Biggle
Yep, the DocumentPublisher is a lot more stable, I haven't had any issues and I've had it churning out documents all day.

Thanks Again chm for your help

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