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1 year 3 months ago #6446 by Heinrich Ulbricht
My goal is to use custom images in diagrams. Specifically Microsoft 365 and Azure - there are good Visio shapes out there that I'd like to use in Modelio diagrams as well. I add a sample image as attachment showing the use of those icons in a Microsoft reference architecture. It doesn't have to look exactly like that, just some (in that domain) known imagery would be nice.

How could I add my images to Modelio elements? I'm not sure where to start. I'm aware of the user-defined image option of elements but I'd like to provide templates for commonly used elements that can easily be re-used.

Custom components would be fine (as long as I can choose them from the palette and drag them to the diagram). Stereotypes with images would also be fine I guess. I just don't know what is possible, if it is possible at all and how to make it reusable across projects.

Any hints about possible solutions (ranging from configuration to development) are appreciated!

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1 year 3 months ago #6455 by cde
Hi Heinrich,

To have images reusable easily in other projects the best way (in open source at least) is to develop a module, with stereotypes bringing the icon and images.

You can even add your own diagram type with is own palette to directly create the elements you want in Image mode, like in the SysML module for example :

You can have a look on the Open Source Module Developer Guide to learn out to make your own module.

Best regards,

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