file Document Publisher doesn't generate documentation of State and Sequence Diagrams

2 years 6 months ago #4838 by PifouM
Hello everyone,

I am not really experienced with Modelio, and I am to use it for a school project. We have to code a Java project and use Modelio to build the architecture of the project.
We are pretty much done with th coding part, and now we have to generate the documents. We use Document Publisher for that (it is a requirement of the course). It works for the main part, with the exception of the State diagrams and the Sequence diagrams. Those diagrams are simply not included in the document. I think that the folders those diagrams are into are considered as regular packages. You can have a look at the package architecture :

Could you please help me ? It is the last thing I need to hand my project, and I am already a few days late...

Many thanks by advance

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2 years 6 months ago #4840 by osl

Document Publisher is a commercial module. This question should be asked to Modeliosoft.

The content of your document depends on what you manifest in it, but also on which template it uses.
Sequence and State diagrams are handled by the 'Diagram notebook' template.
You can combine several documents (using different templates) into a single one thanks to the 'Book' template. This way, you can get a complete document.

Contact the Modeliosoft support service if you have a maintenance contract, or your professor if you are in the Academic program.

Best regards

Go pro

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