exclamation-circle [DocumentPublisher] Cannot modify Word Style (Modern.docX)

8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #2446 by jmfavre
I do not manage to change the styles for word and get it work.
I use Word 2007. The process is the following
(1) extract Modern.docx from DocumentPublisher
(2) select this style
(3) generate (ExtendedDictionnary.docx). OK, styles for heading, etc.
(3) open Modern.docx with word and saving it to Modern2.docx
(4) generate (ExtendedDictionnary2.docx). No heading style :(
The files are attached. Note that this is without doing any change in the file, just loading and saving. I tried the many option in the "save" menu but without success.
What surprize me is that the insertion of the fields is ok, but that the heading styles are not generated (I guess because the binding failed). I'm wondering if the style search is by name, by id or what, but all in all I can't not customize word template :(

This is very annoying for us as we really need a quite compact format. We spent quite some time in doing document review to audit a bunch of models and I need to optimize the reading process.

Any solution, any workaround?

Thanks in advance,

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