file Does the reverser remember it's include and define settings?

9 years 11 months ago #1453 by bill.white
I set the include and define settings for the C++ Reverser. When I closed my project and reopened it, they were gone. I had made a copy of the file mda/CxxReverser/reverseCppConfig.xml, which had the changes I made, so I copied it over the unchanged file. However, the changes I made were ignored, and they seem to be gone forever.

Is it really possible that I need to reconfigure the reverser everytime I use it? Reconfiguring it with the GUI takes me at least 10 minutes, and I have dozens of potential projects to configure. I would like to be able to write a program with generates a C++ project, along with the reverser configuratation once and for all for whatever source tree I'm working on. Is it possible to do this with a module?

If it takes hours to configure the entire system, that will be a big bar to integrating Modelio C++ Designer in my organization's workflow. I'm evaluating this tool, and I really like it for drawing pictures. But configuring this for reverse engineering seems to be an unnecessarily difficult task.


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9 years 10 months ago #1456 by chm
Hi bill.white,

in the current state of the C++ Reverser module, there is no way to store a configuration to use it again. In fact, it was more designed as a 'one shot' tool than one to use again and again with the same parameters.

However, I completely understand your need, and I agree that you should not be made to reconfigure your project every time.

I'll see what I can do about it next week and keep you informed.

Hope this helps a little.

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