exclamation-circle Modelio 3.7 execution under MacOS 10.13.1 fails

1 year 8 months ago #5239 by Model_master
I took another mac 64 bit Sierra os
I had modelio 3.6 because not sure that 3.7 supports Sierra os

at first when i tried to start modelio, mac was trying to start it but immediately after shortcut was showing it was closed

secondly, I installed jdk 10 and jre 10, after this, when mac was trying to start modelio I began to receive an error: "See the log file

The log file is attached

I was trying to look at mistakes in it but it is too complicated for me to understand what should I do...

For senior product manager (if he/she exists in your company) or to whom it may concern
I would understand if I had a mistake only on my old mac, but when I install your app on a new mac and can not after installation run the app out of the box - what is the value of your app for the rest mac users? Why do you create so many versions of modelio but to do not solve during two years the basic thing - "I CAN NOT SIMPLY RUN YOUR APP after installation on mac os".

Where is the customer oriented support that tries to find out if the problem solved or not?
Very strange approach to get new customers.

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10 months 1 week ago #5653 by ntarasov
Today I had exactly the same problem as you described. I made all steps described in this thread + deleted folder ~/.modelio - it seems to be some kind of cache. Hope it will help you

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10 months 5 days ago #5659 by pan
@Model_master Did you read the system requirements ( www.modelio.org/downloads-links/requirements.html )? And also this page: www.modelio.org/forum/8-installation/396...s-x-workstation.html for more details.
It is clearly indicated that Modelio requires JDK8 and it is not compatible with JDK9 so it is not compatible either with JDK10.

Anyway in future versions of Modelio we will make it compatible with newer versions of the JDK.

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