file A bundle is already installed with the name..

6 years 7 months ago #3970 by Markus17

On running /opt/Modelio 3.4/modelio I get an error and examining the log file it tells me "A bundle is already installed with the name...."

I though at first only Eclipse plugins were referenced (Google searches on the topic often hit Eclipse as well) but double checking I see apache and modelio listed as well.

For the record I'm running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.1 and JDK 1.8.0_46 is installed (to support Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4) which seems to contain some but not all of the plugins/bundles mentioned.

I'll admit straight away that I'm a novice in the area of Java plugins and so would appreciate any pointers to how you tackle this issue. I though that multiple versions of Java could happily co-exist.


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6 years 7 months ago #3971 by pan

You can run two versions of JDK in your system.
The following discussion: can help you to configure your system in order to have 2 versions of jdk and run the right one for Modelio.
My first thought is that you are not running the right version of JDK. Please just verify this point.

The necessary Eclipse plugins are provided with Modelio so it should not be problematic.

Let us know if it helps. If it does not help we will try to find another solutions.
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6 years 7 months ago #3987 by Markus17
Many thanks. Yes, it was all down to setting JAVA_HOME appropriately.

Sorry for not responding sooner, I had to spend time away from the computer. And when I came back I was a little perplexed, first trying to remember password and then by the hyperlink in the email, it had replaced middle part of URL with ..., and when I looked at forum I thought at first it too suffered same problem.

The next issue was then trying to call up the help. Setting
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Right shifted problem such that it now complains about lack of

Checking the 'Requirements' there are several libraries I do not have and do not seem to seem find them from the repos I normally frequent.

To be frank this was just one of a number of applications I was asked to install and this was the one causing most grief. When I mentioned this the response was they may not want Modelio after all, it was "just an idea". So I'm having to call a halt to this - for now, I don't like giving in, but other more pressing matters are now taking precedence.

But thanks for the assistance.

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