lightbulb-o Tracing the base class location in explorer starting from the instance

3 weeks 6 days ago #6554 by gfocaraccio
Hi. Sometimes when looking at instances, I want to inspect their base class as well. I cannot figure out how to trace the base class location in the explorer from the instance. It is easy to find the location of the instance from the object diagram but then I don't know how to find the base class. Searching is not a great idea because many times there are many classes with the same name and it gets confusing. Can you please suggest / advise?

In tools such as enterprise architect, you can actually use the corresponding "Select in Explorer" feature successive times to trace all the way back form an instance on a diagram to the instance in the explorer tree and then you press the same keyboard shortcut again and it jumps from the instance in the tree to the base class in the tree, this would be a great addition to Modelio unless there is already an alternative equivalent.

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