file Web Model Publisher does not export sub process diagrams

1 year 2 weeks ago #6484 by MrsClear
Hi everybody,
I'm quite new to modelio but really like it so far. I have created my first BPMN model in modelio which worked well so far.
I have a relatively simple "test" model with one root process and a diagram (which contains sub processes und business rules). The Audit has no errors or warnings.
The hierarchy of my model:
1 Package -> 1 BPMN Process -> 1 BPMN Process Diagram
The BPMN Process Diagram contains sub processes which contain sub processes that have their own diagrams and business rules.

I exported my model with the "Web Model Publisher" module which finished the creation without error. The created web model looks fine. However it only contains the BPMN Process Diagram. The sub processes are visible in the BPMN Process Diagram but their linked diagrams are not available.

Without the possibility to export a Process with it's sub processes and business rules modelio is useless for us. If it is possible modelio is perfect for us and we will ditch Visual Paradigm.

What am I doing wrong? Or is there some limitation I'm not aware of?

Thanks in advance...

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