file BPMN Export is corrupted when imported in other tools

1 year 6 months ago #6386 by thedataguy

I am using Modelio along with Enterprise Architect for some of my work. Some of the BPMN format files that I create in Modelio, this gets corrupted when imported by Enterprise architect.

By corrupted, i mean the only the connectors are dislocated and have to be redrawn.

Is there a standard to which Modelio BPMN exports to that one need to bear in mind?

Thank you.

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1 year 6 months ago #6394 by marco64io
Modelio (I use 4.1.0 and Windows 10) seems having troubles exporting and importing BPMN file, even importing files that itself generated. In attached Process.jpg file, is shown an example I exported as .bpmn file; then, in Process1. jpg, what I get when i re-import the same file: Modelio seems losing links from and to data objects; the strange five icons You can see under the diagram seems be an attempt of interpreting the missing relations.
It's worth noting that the same .bpmn file is interpreted rather well by Camunda (the only issue is with Object1: Camunda doesn't allow linking an object data to a flow relation)

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