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1 year 10 months ago #6113 by herr_spock
Dear all,

I am working on a model with the Modelio Core (community edition) with version 4.0.01.

Due to infrastructure requirements some colleagues of mine still have version 4.0.00 and cannot upgrade in the near term.

Unfortunately Modelio does not allow to use a model in those application version without problems ("cannot use the model", "please upgrade to 4.0.01"). This is very annoying, especially because I cannot imagine that there are significant changes in the internal meta-model between 4.0.00 and 4.0.01. Even if they were, there should be a seamless transformation happening at least between those patch (!) versions. Ideally this should also be possible between minor or even major versions.

If it were necessary, I would have no problem with a dialog window popping up and telling that "construct A/B/C will be lost" when downgrading a model.

Consider software like Office that allows to open old document versions with no problems and also to import newer formats. This feature is almost mandatory in a team environment.

I could also live with using the XMI export/import as a workaround, but this must keep the diagram information intact.

Is this a too esoteric request? Or am I missing something important?

Best regards

Herr Spock

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