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2 years 6 months ago #5974 by ThomasLehmann

recently I was struggling on how to integrate the generated Java code into a Maven project
since you're adding Modelio Annotations and the related imports. I found one example
where I can add following to the pom.xml

and this

However I was suprised to see how many stuff is download when running the build.
Anyway I think the only reason for the Annotations is that Modelio has support when
it comes to updating of the model from source, right?

Isn't there a more lite solution since the Java build doesn't require the annotations
nor the Modelio SDK?

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2 years 6 months ago #5977 by ebr

You are right annotations are used for updating code for the source.
If you needs these annotations, you can just have a maven dependency to the specific jar containing them.

If you want to remove these annotations, you can change the Generation mode from "Round trip" to "Release". To do so, go to Configuration > Modules..., select Java designer and you will found the Generation Mode in the General group.

Hoping it helps,

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