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2 years 7 months ago #5779 by Bemte
Hi everyone,

I just recently started using Modelio 4.0 because my software projects have reached sizes where proper planning is important.
I model the workflow of the program using BPMN Process and want to have multiple levels, i.e. have a general overview, where most tasks contain subprocesses, each of them having more detail, etc.
I can do it, in theory, using subprocesses.
However, if I want to see a subprocess more clearly, I have to right click it and go to "Open diagram". I saw images online suggesting that there is an option to shrink or enlarge subprocesses automatically, and the rest of the diagram to properly shrink/increase with it, but I can't find it.
If I go to Symbol and then check "use content", the size stays the same and I can't see anything.

So is there such an option? And how can I enable/disable it?
Is there also an option for the whole diagram (shrink/enlarge all subprocesses)?

Thanks already for all answers. :)

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