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8 months 1 week ago #5610 by rxo39

For my project, i need to do several state machine. To save time, i tried to copy paste some elements of a state machine to an other one (or even in the same state machine), but it does not work.
For exemple, i create a state S1 in a state machine SM1, i copy S1 and try to paste it in SM1, it does not work. Same thing if i try to paste it in a state machine SM2. Other exemple, i create an internal transtion in a state S1, i copy it and try to paste it in a state S2, it does not work too...

After many test, it seems that the only thing we can copy/paste is the entire state machine... not a part of it, neither none element...

Is it normal, or i missed something ?

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8 months 6 days ago #5611 by pan

I don't know if it is a bug or not.
In a State Machine you can clone or create sibling elements from the explorer or in a diagram you can use the Shift+Click to duplicate an element (I can detail this scenario if needed).

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7 months 3 weeks ago #5619 by rxo39
Hi Pan,

Thanks for the answer.
I have already saw this 2 fonctionality, useful inside a same state machine, but not sufficient...
For me, it is like some classes or attributes or operations ; you can copy/paste a class from a package to another one, or copy/paste an attribute/operation from a class to another one, etc...
I don't understand why it is not the same thing for state machines... where is the complexity to copy/paste a state from a state machine to another one ?
Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, when you have to make a lot of complex diagrams... if you don't have this... very complicated and a big waste of time for me...

Do you know if they plan to implement a complete copy/paste one day ?

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