file Want to generate POJO Java Classes from an XSD

1 year 7 months ago #5598 by mwalsh9
Hello. My ultimate goal is to generate POJO Java Classes from an XSD. I don't want xmlbeans classes. And Eclipse gives something close to what I'm looking for with EMF, but I want don't think I can use all the Eclipse Encore classes that are imported, and decoupling from the Encore classes was becoming a nightmare.

So, I was hoping I could use Modelio, at least get as far a creating a UMI definition from an XSD, But I only have Modelio 3.1, and I'm not seeing an option to import an xsd into a project.

I do have access to something called XSDDesigner_3.1.03.jmac - what does that file do?

Thanks for any help/guidance. I'm brand new to Modelio.

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