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For helping you to discover Modelio and view some advanced modeling works, we provide some sample projects compatible with Modelio Open Source (Please first check that the projects' version indicated is compatible with your Modelio version before using them).
For importing a project, select the File/import project... menu entry and select the downloaded file.

Incose Challenge This project details how we can carry out systems engineering with Modelio and describes the solution for the INCOSE 2012 TVC
Languages used: UML, BPMN, SysML
- Incose Challenge ( Modelio 4.0 )
- Incose Challenge ( Modelio 3.8 )

The Plant In the Systems and Automation Department at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) there is an experimental unit of industrial automation that is used to demonstrate the operation of several control strategies using the same equipments and supervision tools.
Languages used: UML, SysML
- The Plant ( Modelio 4.0 )
- The Plant ( Modelio 3.8 )

Java Browser
A simple HTML browser, based on a swing JEditorPane component.
Languages used: UML, Java
- Java Browser ( Modelio 4.0 )

Discount Travel The 'Discount Voyage' project is an example of how to model the enterprise architecture of a travel agency to manage their reservation system.
Languages used: TOGAF, BPMN
- Discount Travel for TOGAF ( Modelio 4.0 )
- Discount Travel for TOGAF ( Modelio 3.8 )

We hope that these examples will help you to discover our tool.

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The links is not working. Please, can you update the link for a Incose Challenge?!

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