file Modelio project becomes un-editable

1 year 3 months ago #5179 by kavita

The Modelio project gets un-editable during edits. Once this hits, adding/deleting/editing/undo class diagram, sequence diagrams etc do not work.
Closing the project, Model import have not solved the issue.

I am working on the following version.
Version 3.7.00
Build: 201711211349
System: win32 (6.1)
Architecture: x86_64

Is there a way to recover from this freeze like situation? What cases this issue?
I will not be able to share the project.

Any help is appreciated.

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1 year 3 months ago #5180 by pan
You can't share your project because it is a sensitive project or because you cannot upload files on internet?
If you can upload files on internet:
1 - Import your project content (or a smallest part of your project) into a new project
2 - Anonymize this project with the Jython script provided here:
3 - Share this new project on wetransfer (or any other sharing project)

What kind of element did you try to edit? This happens with all elements? You edit an element from the element property tab or from an edition box? Is it reproducible? If it is reproducible can you give us a detailed scenario or make a video?

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