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4 years 4 months ago #5052 by blaisemi
Okay, this is a stupid question, but I can't figure it out.

I'm trying to do the "Create a SysML diagram" tutorial. I'm following the video
and it shows how to change the graphic properties for a block element in a SysML Architect block diagram. I know this is the 2.2 version of Modelio. I just downloaded Modelio 3.7 yesterday and keep running into issues because the interface has changed.

I've added a block element to the SysML Architect Block diagram but now I can't seem to find the properties for the block element.

The video doesn't show any interim steps between adding the block element to the diagram and changing the properties, but perhaps there's a set up step that I'm missing. Unfortunately, the video does a quick cut between the text box saying that we'll be changing the graphic properties and showing the open properties panel (2m 25s to 2m 30s in the video). So I don't see which icon or tool area is used.

I've changed from Maximum display for the diagram to Full perspective. I've looked at all of the icons. I've compared the tool areas in my installation of Modelio with the tool areas in the video.

I've right-clicked on the block element and selected the Edit element option. There are no properties for the block element.

I need to change the Representation Mode from Image to Structured, Stereotypes display mode from icon to text+icon.

I've scanned the Quick Start and User Manuals, but am somehow not finding the information I need.



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4 years 4 months ago #5054 by pan
Dear blaisemi,

You can check these documentation pages:

They explain how to edit diagrams and how to change graphic properties.

Hope this helps.

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