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2 years 3 months ago #4686 by samo
Hi team,

what are some of the ways you would integrate modelio with Eclipse ? I use the Javedesigner and it will be fantastic to model and debug in the same IDE.
I have been able to do so with some tweaking of the Javadesigner configuration parameters, but I wonder how other people have been able to model, write code and debug the application?
I am currently also trying to create a small application which can edit the class code directly in eclipse editor rather than in the modelio tool.

Any forward plans to port modelio to be an eclipse plugin ??


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2 years 3 months ago #4700 by samo
Hey all , I have figured out a way (little config of Java Designer and tweaks) to actually have a relatively nice way of switching between modelio and eclipse for edit of code. I am using ubuntu. if you are interested on what i did, post a reply..

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2 years 3 months ago #4704 by samo
anyone with some ideas ?
I have created a little button for eclipse to switch to Modelio modeller and from Modelio back to eclipse.
Now I have an interesting way of working with both in the same session without having to save few clicks :)

I wonder what the community is doing about the integration with eclipse . I know that Modelio itself is an eclipse application, but I think there was a design decision to keep them separate rather than having it integrated as a plugin with eclipse. In theory, the modelio designer should be able to run under eclipse IDE. can people share their experience with this ?
I wonder how many people have attempted this ?

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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #4922 by cononda
Sorry, rereading my post I realized I better ask my question in a new post.

I might have the same problem. I don't know how to set up the work process of using Modelio and Eclipse.

How do you go on about it? Where should I start? Modelio Project first, then Eclipse...

I can see different starting points. 1. No existing project in either software or 2. bits of code in an Eclipse project or 3. UML sketches in Modelio. So there might be different answers or maybe there is a general approach on how to handle this?

But let's say I want to start a new project. How would you go about to have a Round Trip capable setup? By Round Trip, I mean updatable form Modelio or Eclipse no matter where I make changes.

I am my self experimenting on how to make this happen. And I will likely post myself a post on this topic since I will probably run into more questions. But if you have good solutions or some reference to Tutorials and other sources to this topic please let me know. I tried to find explanations to this on the web but couldn't find any other than you can do it but unfortunately not how it is done best.

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