file SysML make block's instance automatically show the flow ports of the block?

1 year 6 days ago - 1 year 6 days ago #4452 by malyuta
Following the last post by ebr in this discussion , consider the following Block Definition Diagram (BDD):

Figure 1

Now I want to create the following Internal Block Definition Diagram (IBDD):

Figure 2

However, when I create the IBDD in Modelio and place the instance for Block1, then it seems like the Flow Port which Block1 has is not automatically shown:

Figure 3

My question is, how do I get the Instance to show all the ports of the Block of which it is the instance? In the case of this example, I would want in Figure 3 to have the FlowPort:FlowSpecification to show up like it is in Figure 2. I can do so manually by dragging FlowPort:FlowSpecification from Model view tree, but for large diagrams this would get out of hand... so is there an automatic way?

Thank you!

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1 year 5 days ago - 1 year 5 days ago #4453 by ebr
Hi Fieran,

Unfortunatly Modelio do not provide any automatic unmasking of port at instance level so you have to drag and drop them from the model explorer.

I guess that you created an instance inside your IBD and then use the "update instance" command.
If yes, it could be quicker to create your inside by drag and dropping your block inside the top block (this will create and unmask the ports) and then use the "update instance" command.
So if you have this simple BDD.

You can start by creating an empty IBD.

Then drag and drop a block inside which will create a part and the ports

By using the update command provide by ModelerModule,

you will be able to instanciate the attributes

to have this final result.

Hoping it helps,


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