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6 years 5 months ago #3888 by ls83200

I'm trying to migrate from Modelio 2.2 to Modelio 3.3.
In Template Editor I'd like to access individually to property values of requirement in order to format it in my way.
With Modelio 2.2 I was used to Navigate Metamodel with the following tree :
- Requirement
- PropertyValueSet
- PropertyValue
And after that I used Navogation Jython with a script like this one :
ppty = elt.getKey()
if ppty.getName() == "Type":
return elt
return None

Now in modelio 3.3 I tried to use something similar :
- Requirement
- !node.PropertyNavigation.Label! => AnalystItem

But what's next ? I was unabled to find a solution.

Please help me.

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