question-circle [Solved] User-defined attribute types in Class Diagram?

1 year 3 months ago #5322 by ebr
Hi Phil,

In fact, an Attribute triggers this warning as soon as its type is not a PrimitiveType (String, Integer, etc.) or a DataType. The warning is not related to the type complexity (a Datatype can have multiple attribute all of them typed by a PrimitiveType or another DataType).

For example, in the following model only "att1" and "att4", by default, triggers the 1480 rule because they are repectively typed by a Class ans an Interface.

This warning represents a well known best practice in term of modelling. But in other hand UML allows attributes to be typed by Classes or Interfaces. In this case, I would recommand you to unable the warning by using the menu available at Configuration>Audit...
The 1480 Audit Rule is part of the Static Rule Group as depicted below.

Hoping it is clear,

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