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i'm new to all this enterprise architecture thing, so I need a little assistance (well I mean a lot :p)
- I'm having a hard time understanding what a process application component is for ? how to identify them ? are they modules in the existing IS ?
- Same for Entity application component, are they document? outcome of a business process?
- In the business footprint diagram, I don't know how I can differentiate btween a process and a business service (sometimes a business service is achieved through a process, so which one is to be represented ?
Thank youu

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About components types :
  • Process application component: A process application component is responsible for a business process execution. It orchestrates the tasks of the process.
  • Entity application component: An entity component is frequently derived from business entities, and is responsible for managing the access to the entity, and its integrity. It's the Data access layer

About business footprint diagram :
  • A Business service represents a service provided by the business, which may then be realized by one or more IS services.It's the interface of your
  • Business process is presented as the implementation of your process. It's a container for a Process flow diagram diagram who show sequential flows of control between activities and may utilize swim lane techniques to represent ownership and realization of process steps.

you can find more information about Togaf modeling here:

Antonin Abhervé

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