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In order to provide you the best help possible to analyze and debug your problems please provide us some information about your environment.
When you submit a problem, please indicate:
- The Version, Build Id, Core Id, System and Architecture (You can get these information in the Help/About menu entry)
- The Modelio Edition (Modelio Open Source or Modelio by Modeliosoft)

If you need to send a project, please use the "Export project" command (See the tutorial " How to send a Modelio project to a distant user "). If, for any reason, you cannot use this command, go to your workspace and zip the content of your project directory (not only the ofpx file).
To share your project, you can use a file sharing service ( WeTransfer , 4shared , IDrive , MediaFire , ...).

Modelio also provides a configurable log. You can configure it in the 'Configuration/Preferences' window.

For debug purposes, please set the log level to 'Debug'. The Modelio log is located there: ${HOME}/.modelio/<Modelio version>/modelio*.log

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