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Modelio 3.6.1 released!

3 weeks 1 day ago - 3 weeks 1 day ago #4409 by pan
Dear community,

The Modelio development team is pleased to announce the release of Modelio 3.6.1 Build 201703061558.

This is the latest stable version of Modelio.

  • Improvement of the indexes management
  • Diagrams palette are now displayed in ‘icon’ mode by default
  • A diagram selection box now appears when creating a Related Diagram Link

Fixes / Improvements:
  • Fixed issues with edition in diagrams when several diagrams are opened
  • Fixed issues with the XMI import/export
  • Fixed memory leaks in diagram editors
  • Fixed issue with integer values edition in the Properties view
  • Fixed issue with elements label display in ‘User defined image’ representation mode
  • Fixed issue with project export on MacOS

Download Modelio 3.6.1

See the release note for more information.

You can add ArchiMate support to Modelio by installing the ArchiMate plugin provided by Modeliosoft (please note it requires a registered account on Modeliosoft website).

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Enjoy with Modelio!

Best regards
The Modelio development team

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