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Modelio vs ModelioSoft BA

8 months 3 days ago - 8 months 3 days ago #4171 by Aminovski
Does somebody know what is the difference between Modelio ( ) and ModelioSoft BA edition ( ). I am a little bit confused and I want to know if there is any other difference besides the first is open source and free and the second is not.

Thank you for your help.

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7 months 2 weeks ago #4186 by pan
Hi Aminovski,

Modelio (from is free and open source.
The Modeliosoft edition extends the Modelio tool with enterprise functionalities with, for example, requirements analysis, Modelio Studio (which allows to create modules with a dedicated interface) and teamwork abilities. The BA edition is delivered with the Document Publisher which is an enterprise featured document generator.

Hope this answers your question

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