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file Question SysML compatibility

11 months 2 weeks ago #4284 by AFlow
Hi there, I was looking online for software to create SysML diagrams and found modelio. I have a few quick questions considering the possibilities to export the diagrams in to other software.
First of all: by creating a SysMl diagram does modelio also create a Java-Code fitting to the diagrams? What about the Requirements diagrams?
Further I would like to create a SysMl system with modelio and later connect it to dynamic simulations in Matlab/Simulink or Modelica for example... do you guys have any experience or advice for that?

Thanks in advance!

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11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #4285 by ebr
Hi AFlow,

Modelio has several extension one of them is dedicated to SysML Modelling another one is dedicated to Java design. Of course, you can use both of them inside the same project. This will allow you to generate Java code from BDD but I am not sure it makes sense... We usually have two different kind of user: 1) SysML architectects which do not made Code and 2) Java architect which use UML for modelling (mainly because it dedicated to Software design...)

Requirement diagram is something defined in SysML Standard but used in many other context then system engineering. That's why Modelio provides an extension dedicated to Requirement Modelling called Analyst which is available in Modelio by Modeliosoft products .

Concerning the simulation of SysML models, you have to first define the kind of connection you want from SysML. We are working on two kind of connection rigth now.
First is a code generation from SysML model to Matlab/Simulink or Modelica.
The second kind of connection consists in using SysML to orchestrate FMUs simulation produced by Matlab/Simulink, OpenModelica, 20-SIm, Dymola, Overture, etc.
Proof Of Concept have been made for these two approachs but it need more test, usge in order to be officially released.

Hoping it helps,


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