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The attached script allows the creation of notes or invariants on some elements.

If you launch it on the root package,
- 'description' notes will be created on Package, Class, Attribute and AssociationEnd
- 'summary' notes will be created on Package and Class
- 'invariant' constraints will be created on Class

Why do you use this macro?
The DocumentPublisher module has a service to reverse documentation and update the model with the description defined in the documentation.
To describe your model, you can use Microsoft Word and define this documentation.

1. Add a model in your project.
2. Launch the script: Notes and constraints are added on elements. In this example, <TBD> is added in the note content.
3. Generate the documentation with DocumentPublisher. Use the AnalysisAndDesign template.
4. Edit the document with Microsoft Word. Complete the documentation.
5. Launch the Reverse Content command: your model is documented.

You can complete this script for other elements or other notes.

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