question-circle PropertyTable default values are not enforced

2 months 1 week ago #5433 by craae
Default values defined for properties in PropertyTables (assigned to Archimate MetaclassReferenced) are not enforced when new ArchiMate element instances are created.

I have just realized that through a query there properties with default values were assigned. (All the default values are not preset as expected). How do I enforce such a preset of those default values?

# Test

print "Model"
Model = Modelio.getInstance().getModelingSession().getModel()
print Model
print "Roots (LibraryRoots): "
print Model.getLibraryRoots()
print "Roots (ModelRoots):"
print Model.getModelRoots()

modelingSession = Modelio.getInstance().getModelingSession()
print "Metamodel Extensions:"
print modelingSession.getMetamodelExtensions()

print modelingSession.getRequirementModel()
BPCollection  = Modelio.getInstance().getModelingSession().findByClass(BusinessProcess)
print BPCollection

for element in BPCollection:
	print element
	print element.getName()
	for prop in element.getProperties():
		print prop.getName()
		print prop
		print prop.getContent()

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