file 3.0/jython => explicit imports required vs. 2.0/jython

8 years 9 months ago #2178 by jmfavre
with modelio 3.0, it seems that the metamodel and api classes are not longer imported automatically in the default environment (aka the jython script window), meaning that it is necessary to import explictely each metaclass. That is if one want to work with UseCase and ClassAssociation for instance one will need to start typing

from org.modelio.metamodel.uml.behavior.usecaseModel import UseCase
from org.modelio.metamodel.uml.statik import ClassAssociation

This is quite a pain because one have to first check where the metaclasses are define, this implies more typing, less interactivity, etc. Since there is no clash between metaclass names, I see no value in this. Is this intended in version 3 or just something that have been missed?


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8 years 9 months ago #2179 by chm
Hello again,

as far as I know, it was not really intended, but kind of lost in the script plugin refactoring...
I'll try setting some imports back in one of the next patches.

"Cheese" to you too . :P


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