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2 years 1 month ago #5917 by DuncanGibbons
Hi all,

I am wanting to model a manufacturing system that consists of the equipment qualification lifecycle, the product lifecycle process chain, and the relevant documented procedures for each process within the system. I am applying a top-down approach by decomposing the high-level production processes (planning, manufacturing, testing & inspection, etc.) into their lower-levels and subsequent procedures (around 3/4 layers of abstraction). The aim of modeling this system is purely to convey information as it is for my thesis. I will have to present it to experts so the "easy of understanding" is important.

I've tried modeling this system with IDEF0 which is beneficial as a "black-box" modeling approach for the higher-levels but lacks the decision gates for the lower-levels.

Which Modelio language and plugins would you recommend for modeling the system in questions?

Many thanks,

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