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I'm trying to do the "How to create SysML diagrams in Modelio" tutorial. I realize that the interface has changed since this tutorial was written.

The tutorial specifies a parametric diagram, but I don't see that diagram type in the list. Can I use a Block diagram instead?

UPDATE: I've watched the video on YouTube and it shows that a Block diagram is used. I'm still confused why the parametric diagram is specified in the tutorial instructions, and parametric diagrams is shown as an option on the SysML menu in 2012 but is not an option in 3.7.



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1 year 3 months ago #5053 by ebr

In fact both resources show how to create SysML diagrams but on Youtube you can see "how to create a Block diagram" and on our web site you can learn "how to create a Parametric or Internal Block Diagram".

The main diference between the Block Diagram and the Parametric or Internal Block Diagrams is their scopes.
  • A Block Diagram is usually created under a Package element in order to create several SysML Block and their relations.
  • A Parametric or Internal Block Diagram are usually created under a Block in order to create the Part exisitng inside the Block.

So if you select a package and try to create a SysML Diagram, you will see the Block Diagram option but not the Internal Block or the Parametric one's.
If you use this Block Diagram to create one Block and then right click on it you will see the Internal Block and Prametric options.

Hoping it is clear and helpful,

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