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5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #4555 by domainmodeler
I installed the latest Modelio 3.6.01 and I'm happy to know there's an open source solution with a community. I am mostly interested in doing domain modeling with synchronization to code later (when the model is more or less stable). Getting complex domain requirements right is key. I am pretty allergic to "clicky" interfaces (I know UML is complex, but there needs to be a faster way to make models using the Pareto principle or something). My workflow is like this:
  • Start with existing domain model (UML class diagram) (optional step)
  • Look at new requirements to find new domain classes
  • Add domain classes to model
  • Add attributes to model
  • Add associations to model
  • Refactor model (optional step) -- renaming things, moving things into packages to manage complexity, etc.

Here are some things I found sub-optimal with the ~20 mins I spent using Modelio:
  • Adding associations requires (too) many clicks. Domain modeling doesn't care about directions in associations. For all associations I created, I had to remove the directional arrow, and add an association name (which is not there by default) in a dialog. Perhaps there's a way for me to customize an association widget that has certain defaults for these kinds of associations?
  • A text-reading-direction arrow for the name of an association is essential. Tools such as PlantUML get this right , and it's so useful when you auto-layout a diagram. A reason I don't stick with PlantUML for complex domain models is that there's no easy support to refactor them, especially with moving classes around into packages. Modelio seems to support this well, although I didn't stick with it long enough to put it to extensive testing.
  • Domain models (in the methodology I use) don't want to worry about methods, so I'd like to mask them in my diagram. This is a minor nit.
  • When adding a class I defined in the base model (not a diagram) to a diagram, I don't see its attributes by default. I couldn't find a right-click way to show them that was intuitive.
  • I couldn't find any auto-layout options for the diagrams. With 10+ classes on a diagram, I am surely not going to use a tool that makes me do this myself after seeing all the layout algorithms that exist in other tools (especially PlantUML, even though you don't have much control). Again, the fact that I'd have to do this myself implies a lot of clicks and pushing of boxes, which is a bad use of my time as a modeler.

Hope this feedback is useful. Cheers!

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4 years 11 months ago #4567 by pan
Hi domainmodeler,

I reply on some usage points. I let domain experts answer on modeling methodology.
In diagrams you can customize the way to create or show objects which can be useful. Each user have different expectation about how to show elements. For associations, several users are waiting to have a direction on their link. If we choose to not have a direction anymore they will be complaining because they have to click more to make appear the arrow so I think there is not a perfect solution but it can be customized from the diagram styles.
You can customize diagram styles in the configuration. You can choose to mask navigability on associations or to show/unmask automatically attributes or methods on Classes, ... so you can adapt diagram manipulation to your own needs.

Hope this helps.

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