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5 years 11 months ago #4220 by sauvard
We found extremely painful to integrate Modelio in a partially automatic software generation chain. (Formerly using Objecteering)

We started testing with version 3.2. And it is even more difficult now with the suppression of some functionalities (Suppression of multi-project or GObject for module developpement).

-Big things like the lack of way to automate the content of the configuration menu. So that we, reluctantly, have to act directly on the underlying files or directories ( modules, project.conf …).
-Trivial thing like the absence of a decent possibility to parameter modelio.log.
-And bugs, that are not your priority list, preventing us to use the small things that could help like the –template command line option.

So please think of people that do not use Modelio just for mock-ups. And do not restrict again the possibilities.

(Before you jump on this horse, Constellation is not a solution.)

If we had to start again a new project from scratch this issue will lead us NOT to use Modelio.

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5 years 11 months ago #4223 by pan

Modelio is a free and open source UML modeling tool. It is used for modeling. It seems that you are talking about a very specific case. Maybe Modelio is not optimized in your context but Modelio meets most needs.

Of course, bugs are our priority list. Our community notices for years the improvements made to the tool and also our efforts to take into account their bugs and their observations. The Modelio development team finds the good balance between fixing bugs and bring evolutions.

We don't know your context and your list of issues is too vague to understand your needs exactly so it is difficult for the community to help you.
The only clear point is that the modelio.log is not enough customizable.


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5 years 11 months ago #4226 by sauvard
Yes Modelio is a modeling tool, but with a focus on code generate. Thus a possibility to be included in a software generation chain.
To achieve this we encounter lacks in features, thus I make here a request for them.

The thing I am asking is a way from a module or command line to manipulate projects and not only packages inside a project. Like the Items of configuration menu.
(This was partly possible via GObject in version 3.2 but has been removed, why?)

In more details it would be great to be able to create a project, add or update modules or libraries, copy package between project.

As a workaround we have to modify the underlying files like project.conf or even some exml. This means that any evolution of Modelio can break ou chain.

Note, if it is important, that we use the commercial version of Modelio. (As an upgrade from Objecteering.)
Best regards

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5 years 10 months ago #4228 by pan
Ok, that's what I thought. You are using the Modeliosoft version of Modelio.
Modelio can provide possibility for code generation. It is not the main focus for a UML tool but an obvious feature. The majority of users will use an existing code generator and they will be satisfied with it. All users don't need to include this functionality in a software generation chain. Actually, a small percentage of users do it. Generally, this kind of feature (integration in a software generation chain) is used in large enterprise context in order to automate their process.

In your case, you have an advanced usage of Modelio in its commercial version so I suggest you to contact the Modeliosoft support to help you.


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