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7 years 3 months ago #3411 by yarel
I miss the functionality to quickly create model elements, e.g. in a class diagram (but not limited to class diagrams).

1) Click on a class, hold Ctrl, drag class asisde => new class is created and linked with existing one

2) Mouse right click on a link between classes (e.g. on an association) and have pop-up menu with a possibility to change it to aggregation / compisition / ...).

BPMN collaboration diagram has functionality "Transform the element". Similar for UML would be handy.

3) Click on element, press Tab => around the selected element there's a bunch of options displayed to give possibility to draw, create and link other entities. See the attached image.

For reference, Visual Paradigm has this feature and it is very handy.

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7 years 2 months ago #3424 by jmfavre

your are right. Modelio could be better in what concern ergonomy :P The good point is that it is open source and offers many really cool features for instance in terms of extendibility.

There is usually no shortage of ideas in open source projets and most people know other tools as well. Open source means that you are welcome to contribute ;-) I think there is also a wish list in the forge, but what you are suggesting is neither a new idea nor something easy to implement, so... You can still try your chance.

In the mean time you may also consider using Visual Paradigm or some other tools with the focus on fast drawing. But at the end drawing is always quite painful and boring, so you might be interested in using for UML input.

We are going to release at some point a plugin that do something like that for modelio (starting with class diagrams and use cases). I'm a user of modelio, not member of core development team, but modelio enables anybody with developement skill to extend it. Just have a look at scripting with jython and you will see one gem of modelio...

My 0.01€

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7 years 2 months ago #3429 by pan

1) If you click on an object, hold the Ctrl key and drag the object then this object is cloned. Is it what you want?

2) You are right. It is not possible to do it by right-click but you can change it to aggregation/composition by going to the Element view and modifying the Association type.

1 - Select the association
2 - Select the Element view
3 - Change the Association type
What you could do is create a module that provides some additional commands (For example Change association to composition).

3) It is an interesting feature of VisualParadigm. It could be an evolution request. If you would like to have this feature, I suggest you to create an evolution request on the Modelio forge so the development team will be notified about this request.

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