file Ability to copy selection on a class diagram to another diagram

10 years 11 months ago #267 by dimfa
It would be very usefull to be able to copy selection from one class diagram to another preserving all visible elements, colors, sizes etc.

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10 years 11 months ago #278 by fpo
This is way more complex than it sounds, and not only for technical reasons (which are always the worst reason).

To make it clear I have some scenarii and questions for you:
If you create a Class C1 in a diagram, then select that class (in the diagram) and somehow copy your selection (let's say you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C). Now you paste in the same diagram (using Ctrl+V).
Do you expect:
a) the same class C1 to be unmasked again in your diagram, with the same size/position/colours/etc?
b) or a new class C2 to be unmasked in your diagram, with the same size/position/colours as C1?
That one was pretty straight forward, right? Let's say now that you create another diagram, and paste again (using Ctrl+V again).
Do you expect:
a) the class C1 to be unmasked in your new diagram, with the same size/position/colours/etc as in the first diagram?
b) or a new class C2 to be unmasked in your new diagram, with the same size/position/colours as C1 in the first diagram?

I'm betting you can see here that both answers may be valid, depending on the context, and that's only 2 scenarii among the hundred possible ones.

So all in all, yes, copy-paste should be made available in diagrams someday, but don't expect us to make a hasty decision about this. This is the kind of functionality that might prove worthless, unsatisfying or confusing if not thoroughly considered.

Thanks for the input though, all users feedback is always welcome! :)

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10 years 1 month ago #1198 by mtrecate
Hello, I would like to have copy&paste between class diagrams.
Obvioulsy I can see your point regarding different scenarios for this and I agree that whatever decision you take you're going to disappoint some users and make others happy.
I reckon, however, that the most common use case is as follows.
I usually start modelling on a "scratchpad" diagram just to put a few ideas down. Then I refine my initial design until, at some point, I just need to split things between different diagrams simply to sort them out. I do this again and again while I move towards my final design.
With other tools I've been using, I use copy&paste (or cut&paste) to copy (or move) a portion of a diagram to another diagram. The result I expect is a simple "graphical" copy of the same design elements in the original selection (i.e. NOT new classes and everything).
I don't particularly care about the position of the copied elements as I'm certailny going to re-position them on the new diagram, although I appreciate that all other attributes (e.g. color and size) remain the same so that all diagrams have the same look.
Hope this helps!
Thanks for reading,
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8 years 2 months ago #3004 by rshendershot
I have a similar use case to Marco's in that I start out with a Overview diagram and within packages I, as the project matures, want to diagram from a different viewpoint. I created main, main.test, and model packages. From the overview it is enough to include the packages and interfaces and limited implementation classes just to get the idea communicated.

In main it would be nice to create its own diagram and be able to drag from the model onto that diagram. I can do that, but no internal details are shared to that viewpoint.

Suggest model items not be deleted from one diagram without confirmation and that model elements be shared in detail wherever they are 'used' in diagrams.

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3 years 8 months ago #5614 by BillBarnhill
What is the status on this?

I am making a number of diagrams, and need to copy a complex sub-activity from one diagram to another, for multiple sub-activities. I cannot simply drag the sub-activity from the Explorer onto the 2nd diagram, because I get an empty sub-activity. For presentation/discussion purposes I need the sub-activity internals unmasked on both diagrams.

I see this as a matter of:
1) There is a model which contains logical elements, and there are diagrams which each contain visual elements that each depict a logical element
2) Different visual elements depicting the same logical element can be formatted individually. Default formatting on paste is the same as copied visual element
3) Dragging a logical element onto a diagram results in a visual element with a default formatting, which ideally is configurable on a per element type (optionally per diagram) basis
4) Pasting, or dragging, an element onto a diagram results in unmasking any associations/flows between the logical element represented and any logical elements already present on the diagram

What do you think of the above? More specifically...
a) do you see it as implementable given project's current resources?
b) is this something that there is interest in having?
c) will you schedule it on the roadmap, and if so what release time frame might we be looking at?

Thank you for producing a great product. These comments are in no way an attempt to slam Modelio, but an attempt to highlight a user story I think many people could benefit from.

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2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #5895 by marco
I was in a similar situation: I wanted to cut&paste a part of a class diagram CA in package A to package B.
You can:
1. select and move the element of a package A (you can select them in CA and then, right-click and "select in explorer") to the package B
2. create a class diagram CB in package B
3. select elements in package B and drag&drop into the class diagram CB
4. select all the elements in CB, right-click, and unmask (whatever you want to unmask)
5. go back to CA, select elements you want to "remove" and mask them (otherwise, if you remove them, it'll remove the elements from package B )

It still requires some minor adjustments (e.g. I couldn't collapse the generalization relation) but, in my case, minor adjustments.

PS. I also created a Theme so that I can left-click on an empty section of CB and then go to layout, select my Theme and automagically "unmask" attributes.

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