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Firstly english is my second language so there can be some mistakes, feel free to ask for anything if something seems unclear. Secondly - I have a small request. As part of my work at the university I have to verify the functionality of a list of several programs and also Modelio. I did a preliminary review, but due to the language barrier and the lack of a typical computer education I'm not sure if it's 100% right. Would you might take a moment and look at my work? I attached file with a list of features (1 - means that the functionality is natively built into the tool). I would be very grateful for your help

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9 years 1 week ago #1821 by chm
Hi Anna,

I reviewed your document a little, and as far as I can tell you could add a few more '1' if you consider modules as 'natively built'. :)

UC2.1.18 Graphical Tracebility and impact analysis
it is possible to see traceability links in the link editor, as well as what we call 'blue links' i.e. automaticaly computed links representing all usages between two model elements. There is also an impact diagram in Analyst, but it is not part of the open source version.

UC2.10.2 Embedded C++ to UML transformation
UC2.10.3 Embedded UML to C++ transformation
UC2.11.8 C++ Modeling

I'm not sure it matches what you're looking for, but the Cxx Designer module uses a specific profile to generate C++ code... However, this module is part of the commercial version only.

UC2.10.5 Embedded Java to UML transformation
UC2.10.6 Embedded UML to Java transformation
UC2.11 Code modeling

Same here, but with the Java Designer module, which is also available in the open source version of Modelio.

UC2.13.16 Suport for SQL Server modeling
According to the SQL Solution , the SQL Designer module should be doing that.

UC2.15.4 Reporting and document with predefined templates generation via Web
UC2.15.8 Support for live design documents
UC2.8.3 Model Web Publishing

It is possible to generate custom documentation with the DocumentPublisher module, in 3 different formats: HTML, ODT and OpenXML.
In the Open Source version of Modelio, there is also Web Model Publisher, generating HTML documentation.

UC2.2.1 Association of requirements with UML models
UC2.2.5 Graphical tracebility from UML models to requirements

Like impact analysis, this is part of Analyst .

UC2.3.1 Supporting UML Activites execution
UC2.3.2 Support for UML Interactions execution
UC2.3.3 Support for UML State Machines execution

Activity, StateMachine and Interaction diagrams are supported, but there are no 'executions' as far as I can tell.

UC2.9.1 Integration with Visual Studio 2005
UC2.9.12 Embedded C# UML profile
UC2.9.14 Embedded UML to C# transformation
UC2.9.15 Embedded C# to UML transformation
UC2.9.2 Integration with Visual Studio 2008
UC2.9.3 Integration with Visual Studio 2010
UC2.9.5 Visualize .NET framework types (Assembly-based)
UC2.9.6 Visualize C# types (Source code-based)

This should be available with the Cs Designer module.

Hope this helps,


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