question-circle Web Model Publisher exports diagrams with raw base64 encoding

1 year 10 months ago #6009 by Robert Hairgrove
The "Web Model Publisher" exports some diagrams with raw base64 encoding (please see screenshot below). I have just tried this with one Use Case diagram and some empty packages in the project.

There is a smaller image which displays correctly under "Figure 2...", and there are hyperlinks in the image which link to the correct elements (use cases and actors).

When I open the HTML file in a text editor, it appears that the <div> tag containing the base64 data does not have it wrapped in an <img> element. If I edit the data to make it look like this:
<div><img src="[raw base 64 data here...]"</div>
then the image is displayed correctly, but in its original size and with no hyperlinks.

Is this the intended behavior? Since there is a "Zoom" button next to the small image which opens the original image in a new browser window, one could merely display in the second line "Origin" in the table a short text, such as the MIME type of the image. The raw base64 data doesn't help at all, and neither does displaying the image as an image if it is very large.

Here is the screenshot:

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