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3 years 2 months ago #5620 by rxo39

I created a model component (ramc) which contain a stereotype "totoType".
In totoType, i defined a PropertyTableDefinition which contain 3 PropertyDefinition :
"nom" in Text type
"date" in Date type
"heure" in Time type
I defined a Package too that i have assign my totoType and a value for each property.

In an other project, i import my ramc, and when i expand tree's library, i see very well my package with the totoType stereotype, and the 3 property values.
But, in the code, when i explore the package, i have only one property, the Text one
my code :
EList<PropertyTable> pts = myPackage.getProperties(); (one element in the list, normal)
PropertyTable pt = pts.get(0);
String nom = pt.getProperty("nom"); (not null, and it is the right value)
String date = pt.getProperty("date"); (null)
String heure = pt.getProperty("heure"); (null)

Is it a bug, or it is not the right way to get my properties ?

Thanks for answer by advance

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3 years 2 months ago #5643 by rxo39
Nobody could help me ?

Other exemple in picture :
stereotype :
and property definition :
use it in a Signal and initialize the property :

In source code :
EList<Stereotype> stereotypes = signal.getExtension(); => my stereotype is inside, and no other, very good
So i can get back my property easily (...or not) :
signal.getProperties().get(0).getProperty("exceptionValue"); => IndexOutOfBoundException because signal.getProperties() is empty...

Someone has encounter the same pb ?

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