question-circle Does Modelio support Sound and Voice Integration?

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I'm currently doing my master's thesis, whose central theme is the creation of a framework of principles designed to help in the construction (and subsequent effective utilization) of diagrammatic notations, directed towards the auditory/sound field, instead of the visual one, as it usually is.

As such, to test these principles, it will be necessary to create a prototype, which will have to work with UML Class and State Diagrams. This will involve using sound as input (through voice commands) and output (through audio playback with some kind of text-to-speech).

I recently learned about Modelio and it seems like it would be great to develop a working prototype in this tool, as it is open source and already has an established user base. I've been exploring it and made a simple "hello world" module following the available tutorials. My "naive" idea right now, would be to develop this prototype as a module for Modelio, but I'm wondering how doable this will be (especially with the current time frame for it). The idea would be to try and integrate Google's Speech-To-Text tool as a way to control Modelio through voice commands, and in turn to have some kind of audio playback working with what would be happening in Modelio (for example, a text-to-speech to read the attributes and methods of a given class).

Is it even possible to achieve this in a somewhat "painless" form, through Modelio's API? Does said API even support sound and voice integration?

Seeing as I am still learning about Modelio, I'd like to know if you guys could give me some pointers in the right direction, maybe there already exists some kind of module for this kind of work.

Thank you very much in advance!

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