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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #4183 by deankramer99
Dear forum,
I have a module which was originally developed for 3.3. I have since migrated to 3.5 with the relevant changes to get it to compile and import, however there are now broken parts of my module.

For a start (and for this discussion) is my associations. In my models I have 3 different type of elements (ContextSource, ContextRule, and ContextState). All three extend Class type in terms of a model. The diagram extends StaticDiagram.

When we want to association (draw a line) between the different elements, I use a UMLAssociation, which is created in a DefaultLinkTool class (attached to the palette). This should link the different elements together. While everything seemed to be working before, I now seem to be finding the following exception being thrown:
ERROR o.m.api.impl     - 'Every: 
For: '{d3bd900a-20ce-4962-aa11-95a3a10744c7} Association: Can only add newly added objects.
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: 'Every: 
For: '{d3bd900a-20ce-4962-aa11-95a3a10744c7} Association: Can only add newly added objects.
	at org.modelio.vcore.session.impl.CoreSession$ScratchRepository.attach(

Without putting the whole code (which has a few things that I do not think are relevant or helpful in people being able to understand my code),

I firstly get the source and destination elements with:
Classifier c_source = (Classifier) source.getElement();
Classifier c_destination = (Classifier) destination.getElement();

I then create the association and give it a stereotype and name the different parts:
Association association = model.createAssociation();

String name = "";
String endMulMin = "";

if (assocType == 1) {
    name = "Every: \nFor: ";

and next I setup the Association ends:
AssociationEnd endSource = model.createAssociationEnd();

AssociationEnd endTarget = model.createAssociationEnd();

Now I find that when I try to add both AssociationEnds, the exception throws (specifically it seems to throw when "endTarget" is added):

Can someone help?

Sorry, have found the cause the issue. Seems the issue was that the source and destination of the second AssociationEnd had not been set.
I am still interested to know why this worked in Modelio 3.3, as the code is the same.

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6 years 3 months ago #4191 by pan
Hi deankramer99,

Maybe it was an issue on Modelio 3.3 to have the possibility to do it because it could lead to an inconsistent model.


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