lock [Solved] Cannot package module (in developer's tutorial)

7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #3252 by INTO-CPS-Rasmus

I'm not sure if the problem has been solved, but I had an identical problem, which I managed to solve with help.

1. There was a problem with the 3.3.0 archetype, so the module.xml was incorrect.
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2. In the pom.xml add:
</descriptors> <finalName>${project.name}_${project.version}</finalName>

The module should now work in modelio.

3. As a last remark to use the "DiagramElementCreationExample" in modelio to craete a box, a change has to be made in the module.xml file being under tools:

<Scope-target metaclass="ModelTree"/>
change into
<Scope-source metaclass="ModelTree"/>

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7 years 10 months ago #3309 by ebr
It has been solved in the 3.3.01 version of the archetype.
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