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7 years 6 months ago #3163 by mase

I'm wondering whether it is possible to check for updates on local developed modules.

I'm working on a custom module and have to build/test regularly which involves also checking in modelio. Until now i remove the custom module each time from project and catalog and re-import them.

What I'm wondering is whether I can use the check for updates functionality in the modules catalog. What I hope to find is that y increasing the build number of the module, modelio detects there is a newer version of the module, and that by updating the module, the changes are applied to catalog and/or project.

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7 years 6 months ago #3180 by pan
Hello mase,

You can check for updates on local modules.

You have to create a file name "modules.updates" on your hard drive and add, for example, the following content:

last1 = ModuleTest1.

ModuleTest1. = Test module 1
ModuleTest1. = file:H:/development/Modelio/modules/ModuleTest1-1.0.01.jmdac
ModuleTest1. = =


last2 = ModuleTest2.

ModuleTest2. = Test module 2
ModuleTest2. = file:H:\\development\\Modelio\\modules\\ModuleTest2-1.0.01.jmdac
ModuleTest2. = =
In this example, I have 2 modules "ModuleTest1" and "ModuleTest2".
The syntax for declaring a module is the following :
last<Module position> = <Module name>.<version number>
<Module name>.<version number>.label = <Module label>
<Module name>.<version number>.file = <scheme name>:<jmdac file path>
<Module name>.<version number>.url = <URL to a presentation page>
<Module name>.<version number>.next = <Next version>

Each property line is required.

- For each module, the "Module position" must be incremented by 1. The last property indicates the last module version that you have delivered.

- The file property indicates the path where the module can be downloaded.
For example, the file path can be :
  • (if you have a web server)
  • file:C:/development/Modelio/modules/ModuleTest1-1.0.01.jmdac
  • file:C:\\development/Modelio\\modules\\ModuleTest1-1.0.01.jmdac

  • - You can leave the url property empty if you have no presentation page. It can be a release page.

    - The next property should indicate the next version but generally we use the most recent version of the module.

    Once the file is ready, you have to update the preferences of Modelio so it will check your modules locally.

    Launch Modelio then go to "Configuration/Preferences...". In the Preferences window, select "Modules catalog".
    In the first field, you should see the url of the default Modelio modules.update file. You can change it and indicate the path of your local file (the path must start with file: or http: ). If you are on Windows you can put, for example: file:C:\development\Modelio\modules\modules.update.
    Validate by clicking on OK.

    When you need to check your modules, go to "Configuration/Modules catalog..." then click on the "search for new versions" button. It should display your new modules version.

    Please note that the search for new modules versions is not automatic, you must click on the button "search for new versions" to do it.

    Hope this helps

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